Opening hours

​Monday - Thursday     17:00 - 00.00
Friday    - Sunday        11:30 - 00.30

Posibilities & news flash

We have excellent possibilities to rent our whole restaurant for a reasonable price and have a possible capacity of 34 people seated or 50 including walking dinner option or up to 250p when our large terrace is opened! Check our options for Christmas and other celebrations..on the scroll down menu..

Fresh cuisine..

Bite Me! stands for fresh products and most dishes, sauces and marinades are homemade from can view this process every day during lunch at the bar because of our open plan kitchen while you enjoy a club sandwich or a nice salad.

What we want is to offer pure foods and fuse different countries by creating dishes that come from all over the world and still put them on one menu!
This way your tastebuds can travel the world in one night ;-)

Our chefs originate from Australia, Chili, Portugal & Poland and I as the owner try to balance all their and my beautiful ideas out and make a new menu every three by the time the next is out, behind the screens we are already working on the new one for next season..Curious? or do you really really want a recipe because you can't bear the thought of not being able to eat a dish that might disappear the next menu, don't be afraid to ask! We might just write our secrets down for you!
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